LCDBoard tutorial :

In this tutorial we will use the LCD to display the MIDI events received at the MIDI IN
of Midilickuino.

You need :
-1x Midilickuino
-1x Arduino
-1 x LCDboard
-Arduino software (version 1.0 or newer)
-the sketch MIDImon_v1.0
-1x USB cable
-1x MIDI cable
            -1x MIDI device that sends information as MIDI master keyboard
             or a MIDI controller

1-Connect Midilickuino with Arduino and Arduino to your computer

2-Connect LCDBoard to the Midilickuino LCD connector

3-Adjust the contrast with R1 until you see a bar appear on first line

4-Connect Midilickuino MIDI IN to your device MIDI OUT

5-Open the sketch MIDImon v1.0 within the Arduino software (this sketch is given as
an example, it can be improved, edit and optimize)


6-Set Midlickuino switch S2 to position "PROG"

7-Start the upload by clicking on the arrow in the top left


8-Once the upload is complete, place the switch S2 to position "MIDI"
The LCD should display "Waiting ..." This means that Arduino is waiting for a MIDI message.


9-Move a parameter from your MIDI controller connecting to Midilickuino
The LCD displays the message type, MIDI channel, note and velocity or the value of a CC.
At the moment the application only takes into account the following messages:
NoteOn, NoteOff, ControlChange, ProgramChange, Start and Stop. But you can extend the application
  other MIDI (see MIDI protocol).