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by e-licktronic
Feb 13th, '24, 05:20
Forum: Black Market
Topic: WTB: Nava Mux PCBs
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Re: WTB: Nava Mux PCBs

Hi there,

We still have some in stock. Contact us via the contact from in the shop if you need some
by e-licktronic
Feb 13th, '24, 05:17
Forum: Nava Software
Topic: Oortone 2024 alternative firmware for Nava
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Re: Oortone 2024 alternative firmware for Nava

Information on new releases will be posted here with the newest release at the top. The firmware is available for download in Midi System Exclusive format at The source code is available also ( here ) but that’s only not needed if you are interested in developing. Otherwise follow the l...
by e-licktronic
Sep 18th, '23, 04:23
Forum: M-191X replica case
Topic: M-191X availability
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Re: M-191X availability

Hi maglo,

The M-191X is available since September the 1st now.
All information related to the M-191X case is here
by e-licktronic
Sep 2nd, '23, 11:53
Forum: Nava Hardware
Topic: Nava PDF Assembly guide
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Nava PDF Assembly guide

Hi crazy Diyer,

As we updated the web site and you have no more access to the building guide, we make a PDF version
Here is it
by e-licktronic
Jan 30th, '23, 16:21
Forum: Yocto² Software
Topic: Official Yocto² Firmware
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Re: Official Yocto² Firmware

Hi Diyer,

Yocto² project is now open source on Github
by e-licktronic
Apr 15th, '22, 07:19
Forum: Yocto² Hardware
Topic: Yocto² case drawing file
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Yocto² case drawing file

Hi there,

If you need a case for your Yocto² project, we designed one that you can order by Schaeffer AG.

Simply download those files and order your Yocto² case ;)
by e-licktronic
Mar 8th, '22, 18:07
Forum: Nava Hardware
Topic: NAVA 909 v1.02 Build Issue. Missing voices
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Re: NAVA 909 v1.02 Build Issue. Missing voices

rphaeldenver wrote:I'm currently thinking to purchase a v1.01 PCB and sourcing the parts myself.
Is anyone aware of the differences between the v1.02 and v1.01 PCBs?

All differences are listed in the building tutorial ... -909-clone
by e-licktronic
Mar 8th, '22, 18:06
Forum: Nava Hardware
Topic: Nava v1.2 Interactive BOM
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Re: Nava v1.2 Interactive BOM

njosnari wrote:Can we please have a regular PDF of the v1.2 BOM?

Can be find in the Nava shop page ... achment=55