Add connectors to the mainboard.

nava tr 909 clone finished connectors

Add cherry switches knobs.

nava tr 909 clone finished switches knobs

Connect the mainboard and the io board together.

nava TR909 clone finished TOP

Now, power up your Nava holding the "ENTER" button. LCD should print "TM2 adjustment process". You need to adjust your LCD contrast maybe ;). Adjust TM2 to measure +5.00V at TP1.

nava tr 909 clone finished TM2

Now turn off your Nava then turn on it again holding "START" and "STOP" button. You enter in "Init EEprom mode". You got 5s to press "START" and "ENTER" to init your EEprom. Steps leds show you the progress of the initialization.
Make a Handclap pattern to adjust TM1 handclap offset. Coonect your oscilloscpoe orscope (soundcard oscilloscope to multi out hand clap.

nava tr 909 clone finished clap out

Then adjust TM1 to get 2v P-P wavefrom.

nava tr 909 clone finished clap oscilloscope waveform

After all this works you finished your Nava v1.0 TR 909 clone. Congratulation! Have fun ;)