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TR909 clone Nava

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TR909 clone nava

Let's continue with the hihat section. First add resistors. Do not pay attention of resistors type on the picture you certainly have different resistors. RA9B 10kohmmust be a resistor you measure at the beginning of assembly.

nava tr 909 clone hihat resistors

Add film capacitors. C151 and C160 have to be polystyrene capacitors.

nava tr 909 clone hihat caps

Add electrolytic capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are polarized, the long leg of the capacitors is the positive. Pay attention to orientation in which you solder electrolytic capacitors. The black part on the silkscreened electrolytic capacitor symbol is negative.

nava tr 909 clone hihat electrolytic caps

Add diodes. Diodes are polarized, the black ring must match the symbol silkscreened on the PCB.

nava Tr 909 clone hihat diodes

Now, add transistors. Pay attention! There are three different type of transistor:2SA798, 2SA1115 and 2SC2603. Do not mix !

nava tr 909 clone hihat transistors

Now, check hihat section power voltages and add ICs and 28 pins IC socket. Do not overheat ICs pins during solder process!

nava tr 909 clone hihat ICs

Finally, add potentiometers. Pay attention to potentiometers value they are all different. Then hihat section is finished, let's go to the Ride/Crash section.

nava tr 909 clone hihat pots