Yocto² Mouser BOM Official Thread

  • in the bom it says we need 2 x 647-UPS1E222MHD 2200/25 but in the parts lst it is 2200/35 also all resistors are 1% and yocto 1 used 5% is this gong to effect the sound? and will 2200/25 be ok instead of tthe 2200/35?
  • The voltage ratings for the 2200uf caps should be fine. Feel free to replace the 25V with a 35V or 50V. Just ensure the lead spacing, diameter and height match the one in the BOM.

    I believe the original x0x line used 10% carbon comp resistors. With that variance it is likely that there was a lot of variance in sound between each device. They did this because 1% resistor prices made them too expensive to include in the product. 30+ years later we have made manufacturing advances and 1% resistors are now affordable to use in a product like this. Going with 1% resistors, where possible, will get you as close to the original design as possible.
  • Is this the switch that comes with the kit? https://www.rapidonline.com/diptronics- ... ed-78-1730

    I have one that doesnt work and needs replacing.
  • Hi

    IC3 CD4049UBEE4 is sold out in MOUSER and DIGIKEY
    It is expected to take several months for the arrival.
    Can you purchase it somewhere?
  • Octapart just lists Quest as having it in stock:

    https://www.questcomp.com/QuestDetails. ... partsearch
  • hi Acetate

    Thank you for telling me that information.
    I am glad to inform you that the problem is now solved.!!
  • is CD4049UBE a suitable replacement for CD4049UBEE4?

    Mouser has it in stock, and I can't quite tell the difference between the part numbers from the datasheet.

    I have 11 of them here, tried 3 of them and I've had trouble with some of the instruments triggering. So either they aren't a good replacement, or I have a problem somewhere else in the circuit. Any thoughts?