Yocto² Mouser BOM Official Thread

  • sweet thanks for the update. Cases by Kacper in the proposed thread seem to be unresponsive atm though, so i suggest double checking before ordering anything :)
  • Could you list the changes from the previous BOM? Mouser was having issues with a few of the parts when I ordered mine the other week but if everything's in stock now something must have changed?
  • I have a complete Mouser BOM component kit for sale if anyone is interested. Completely new in the box. All components included for the boards.
    Selling basically because of lack of interest for the project now.
  • @ Analog8
    Tried to contact me, me, I can not :(
  • You still got the yocto BOM for sale?
  • So I've just built the cowbell and cymbal and can't get the tuning quite right. In the build guide for yocto 1 it mentions that there are extra parts in the BOM to compensate for that adjustment. Is that still the case with Yocto 2?
  • SH-303 wrote:Is that still the case with Yocto 2?
    I think the solution is generic. There's a section in the 808 Service notes that recommends alternative resistor values, as well as a post on this forum. Masuto used trimmers on stripboard to fine-tune those values. That's a good approach. They're probably slightly different for each build.
  • I guess to be more clear, are there extra parts in the Yocto2 BOM to remedy this like the Yocto BOM?
  • Hi,

    for the Yocto^2 I need the 538-22-23-2081 and the 506-MSS420004 switch. Where can I get the first one?

    Cheers Ingo