Yocto² switches in hihat section.

  • This is not necessarily for the hi-hats, but I was going to try using these 2 switches to switch between various resistor values in the "metal" oscillator tuning section (i.e. various of R40 through R43) to create different frequencies with the hexinverter oscillator and thus different "metal" sounds....
  • Thanks for reply! What resistor values did you used? Thanks!
  • Actually I haven't started the build yet, so I don't know... I'll probably use trimmers so that I can tune in a couple of different combinations that sound "right" to my ears...
  • hi-pass TR808 hats:


    There is another interesting mod to be done on the hats, with a switch that allows to select the white noise or the noise that colors the cowbell (from the schmidt trigger) On the other hand you have to cut via and improvise, i do not own yocto² so i can give no more explanations. But by observing the scheme of TR808 and probing yocto², you can find out how. Having the hats with the schmidt trigger makes it possible to have different hats sounds.

    There are things possible with the hats.