Building an waveshaper device for my analog synth

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Building an waveshaper device for my analog synth

Postby hotdam » Sep 17th, '16, 06:22

I have a nice analog synthesizer that can do fancy sounds but has limited options in shaping the tone. It has two oscillators but they don't output sine waves (low pass filtering is not an option in many cases). It also lacks a high pass filter.

Because I'd like to get a specific waveform my idea is to build something like a guitar stomp box which gets fed with only a basic saw wave from the line output of my synthesizer. The box should split this signal into 3 paths:
input signal unchanged
input signal inverted and time delayed by a fixed value about 200 µs (would be nice to have a trimpot to vary the time from about 170–230 µs)
input signal's saw converted to a sine
The mix of such signals would give a waveform that's similar to one that can be heard in many techno tracks like e. g. "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi

As my understanding of electric engineering is rather poor, can you tell me if this is a task that can be accomplished by beginner? Or would it be a too complex circuit requiring good calculation skills? The circuit should be capable of notes playing fundamental frequencies of down to about 32 Hz. The high cutoff of the synth is at about 20kHz (4 pole).

What I have found instructions for already is this 3 channel line level splitter circuit, and also this schematic for a saw to sine converter.

I guess path 2 could be made flipping its output terminals and using a 555 timer( for the phase shift but don't know how to connect it.
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