Why does my Yocto²have no accent?

Why does my Yocto²have no accent?

Postby supercaby » Dec 1st, '20, 01:59


Why does my Yocto² have no accent? Or, it looks like it's all accented.

When I measure the bottom drum with an oscilloscope, I can see the following values:
When a trigger occurs
R152 has a pulse of about 4V
The collector of q39 changed from 13V to 0V
R155 is always around 13V
The collector of Q40 changed from 0V to 13V

When I tried to measure the 13 pin of ic114, the drum sound disappeared and the sound came back when I moved the probe.

This makes me strange, why does this happen?
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Re: Why does my Yocto²have no accent?

Postby metro_electro » Apr 1st, '21, 15:21

How are you applying accent to it? You don't say how far you are in the build but this can be applied on a per note basis as well as global accent. these two features interact with one another as far as I know.
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