No bootloader/ All LEDs on

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No bootloader/ All LEDs on

Postby effigy » Apr 14th, '21, 22:06

Hey all,

I recently purchased a secondhand NAVA (v1.02) with some issues. The snare had no noise and the hi hats were really loud. There was a mux board included, but not installed completely (ICs removed and sockets were installed.)
Anyway, with some random luck I was able to get the Snare to have the noise aspect, but it seemed intermittent. The hat was not really resolved yet. I installed the Mux boards, but it caused all sound to stop working besides the hats. Didn't really get a chance to toy around with that much.
I was fiddling around with it while on, because the snare would sometimes work that way and I put the mux boards in while the unit was on. All was well until... I think I shorted something by mistake while messing about with the mux boards. Long story short, the NAVA Made a pretty bad noise when I did that and it was displaying only the rectangles on screen and all buttons were lit up at once. Even if I turn it off and on again, same deal. I think I bricked it.


After some reading on the forums, I have found other instances of a similar problem. Single row on screen and all LEDs lit up, as seen above.

Here is what I've noticed so far:
  • I've checked most of the ICs in the sequencer to see if they were outputting 5v and to see if IC1 was at 15v. Normal
  • Done a lot of reflowing, just to make sure there wasn't a bad connection. TP1 was reading only about .17v when powered on
  • None of the boot commands work (1,3,5, holding start and stop, holding enter, etc)
  • When Mux_sh boards are installed, getting about 13v on the negative terminal of the IC114 board

Any help or insights would be super helpful. I am extremely upset with this to say the least :?

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Update 1

Postby effigy » Apr 17th, '21, 02:48

I was reading a fellow users thread and decided to get myself an arduino to attempt to burn the chip. Unfortunately, in my case unlike theirs, I am only getting all LEDs on. Doesn't seem to have any other "boot states." I have noticed though, that if I press buttons (usually start and stop) that some LEDs will turn off on the board. Not really sure if there is anything to that?

Secondly, I mentioned that on the Mux_sh board I was only getting about 13v or so on the IC114 board. Must've been a broken or failing connection. I resoldered the jumper wires and it's reading 15v on both pins.

Also noticed a broken connection on PIN 1 of J14. Definitely not relevant to my current issue, but I suppose it could have caused one previous to this disaster. The wires there seem very fragile so I applied some E6000 to them after resoldering.

Until I attempt the burn on Monday, I am completely at a loss as to what the problem could be. Is it the 1284p, is it one of the other ICs? I am definitely getting power to all of them, but that's pretty much the extent of knowledge when it comes to troubleshooting ICs.

If anybody would be kind enough to share any knowledge or suggestions, I would be super grateful! :D
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Update 2

Postby effigy » Apr 21st, '21, 00:55

So I was able to get myself an Arduino to burn the ATMEGA via ICSP. After some frustration getting avrdude to work, the chip completed the upload without a hitch. Unfortunately it didn't seem to have an effect...
Since then I have really been trying to find any sort of cause for this issue and have also ordered some parts from mouser, including the MCP, EEPROM, and another ATMEGA just in case. As far as I can tell, most of the chips seem fine.

One other thing that I noticed is that if I plug in the master output, or more specifically the crash output. When I turn on the machine the crash sample plays, as well as some other weirdness from the other oscillators or the noise. For example, a sine wave plays from the kick channel that I can tune.
To me that is a good sign. The whole thing isn't broken at least!

ICs are coming in tomorrow afternoon, so I'll tune in with my troubleshooting notes since I am talking to myself here haha
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