Introducing: Cocteau, mod PCB for your YOCTO

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  • All first run kits have shipped.

    Here is the link to the Cocteau V1 Build Doc V1.0: ... 0.pdf?dl=0

    Here is the link to the build thread on the Muff Wiggler forum: ... 04#2616504
  • hi there is a second run coming?
    also if anyone is selling a yocto w/cocteau mod please contact me
    i already have a yocto 1 but would buy a fully assembled modded yocto as well if kit isnt available
  • Hi,
    Might have for sale Cocteau for Yocto upgrade PCB kit + Kacper case.
    Just PM me for details
  • Hi Dennisjokey,

    I'm not aload to PM I think, my PM stays in the box.
    Your offer is still available ?

    Thanks for answer - Kind regards

  • In case anyone among the latest posters is still searching, I just listed an untouched complete Yocto+Cocteau+Case kit in the "Blackmarket" section of the forum ;)
    (NB : not willing to sell separately)
  • just for the record: ericasynths will provide an enclosure for coctoeau modded yocto soon.
  • any news on Cocteau mod for Yocto 2? :)
  • Hi al - Im 95% finished my Cocteau mod assembly - just testing with only a few remaining issues.

    Question: Did the Vactrol CV board ever get made and if so, how is selling them please?

    Many thanks,

  • Does anyone knows if there is any prediction when those mods will come out for Yocto v2.0? Thanks!!!