[SOLVED]Crash=no sound Ride=Distorted

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[SOLVED]Crash=no sound Ride=Distorted

Postby skope » Apr 13th, '17, 22:01

Hi guys,

Just finished 2 Navas. One of them had to troubleshoot the HC area to find why only had shaped noise when sequencer was playing and constant noise when stopped. Solved that by replacing 2SA798 in that section. This one works flawlessly now! so happy! :D

Last night when finishing 2nd one had problems trying to adjust TM2, was stuck on 11.5V... many hours trying to find out the problem and today in less than 1 minute found the error. In 8 years of building stuff this was the first time soldering a electrolytic cap backwards.
I guess i was distracted by a friend talking too much :P and made the stupid mistake of soldering a cap in the wrong way. After replacing it for a new one, TM2 was adjust to 5.00V and EEPROM initialized successfully. But while testing found that Crash have no sound and Ride distorts like crazy.

I've measured Q70 and it seems good. Parts are all in the correct place and orientation, i've now triple checked that after the mistake made last night

Any ideas?

*EDIT* Replaced IC51 and IC52.. now i have 2 fully working Navas :lol:
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