Firmware version confusion - 1.0c = 2.0?

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Firmware version confusion - 1.0c = 2.0?

Postby rat » Feb 3rd, '17, 16:29

Hi, please let me know if the release source code in one of the threads, marked as 2.0, is the latest firmware. The manual says that if you check the OS version you should hear 2 bass kicks, and this means the firmware is 2.0. Yet, i believe the OS update 1.0c was posted later than the v2.0 source. Or am i tripping?

I really want to fix the sequencer bug while synced to MIDI and editing the internal sequencer.
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Re: Firmware version confusion - 1.0c = 2.0?

Postby e-licktronic » Feb 4th, '17, 10:31


Last Yocto firmware is the v1.0c (v2.0 was the first release and should be named v1.0)

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