[Solved] Weird display problem

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[Solved] Weird display problem

Postby decoder303 » Sep 2nd, '16, 16:20

the display turned off from time to time, mainly when i moved the nava around when it was turned on.. I thought that it's a bad solder joint at the socket, so today, since I opened the case to do the buzz fix, I thought I'd also fix the display problem. I resoldered the pins and slightly pushed on the display to check if the contact is good and if it stays on.. everything fine. But as soon as I took the pcb on both sides and lifted the nava a little bit the display turned off.. I could replicate this behaviour several times.. I compared the voltage readings when the display is on and off and they are the same.. wtf? I don't have a clue where to look here, since this is really strange, at least to my understanding..
Does someone have any idea where to look? could it be a bad trace which disconnects when I lift the PCB since it bends a little bit?
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