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  • Hi there, I might be interested. Not sure how much would it cost me within the shipment I'm in France.

    Also I've made myself a design here:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/8hjjggcnzeput ... 0.pdf?dl=0

    It has been made with the official vectorial Design from E-Licktronic so it should fit perfectly withe PCBs. It's free to use/modify and such. One thing I really like on my design panel is the name of each instrument under the step button. It makes sens when you 're using the mute/ solo function. The colors can be rethink though. The original 808 is not black black it is more vanished/faded black or a really really dark grey. it gives the 80's touch in my own opinion. A deep real black makes the machine more modern I guess.
    I think the design have been made a couple of years now (I was on the first batch ever ordered). So today I can see what's wrong here and there. Like the typo or some colors.

    Anyway! Who like it? I don't mind if it's not used if only at least someone can put those instruments names beneath the the step buttons on the selected design for the mute/solo function! :mrgreen:

  • Hi! Check design that i made - it's based on Elschrtoumph design. It have everything about you written here. Also painting is not pure black. It's more grey because of structure which imitate plastic. I tried to make it as 80's as possible :)

    PS. Design is made by Elschrtoumph - i only make some changes like other font ect. I said i based on his design because i made my without any vector projects. I used his picture posted on forum to make it. He made a really good work for sure and without his work my enclosure couldn't happened. Big thanks for you Elschrtoumph!
  • Credit where credit is due - my design was based on the work lfo2vco did. He did most of the ground work, I just changed the fonts and some other details!

    Nice looking boxes you have there btw!
  • Would someone be available to try to compare this printed PDF to the enclosure's side to know if my wood cheeks would be compatible ?

  • gihaume wrote:Would someone be available to try to compare this printed PDF to the enclosure's side to know if my wood cheeks would be compatible ?

    Hi Gihaume, my enclosure should get delivered in the next days - I'll give you feedback afterwards, ok?
  • Thanks Flavio. Fortunately it's not needed anymore.

    Verdict: not compatible.
  • kacperpawluk wrote:I'm thinking about second batch so if there is someone interested in it please write me: kacperpawluk@gmail.com.
    When i collect enough interested people then I will start ordering.

    PS. For all people who wrote me about buying enclosures within production time - please write me again if you're still interested in it.
    Yes please!!!

    Who else is in? :D :D :D
  • ***Also what is the best modification for the IEC style power Supply?

    What IEC power supply is everyone using for these beautiful metal enclosures?

    :D :D :D
  • yep! i'm in for the second batch if one gets goin! shinotoko