Yocto Noise with toms pots + sound leakage when pots down

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  • I think I have the same issue, I can hear the trigs leak out of the main output even with everything turned down.
  • All good... The amps are not for the actual standards.

    About the toms, it seems you can use the switches' bodies to shield them in connecting them to ground.
  • Yes was thinking of something like that as well...
  • Though everything is turned down, I have the same problem because I can still hear the trigs coming from the main output.
  • Is your PSU powerful enough ? If when you probe the +-15v in AC mode you can hear/see the same sound, then try a more powerful transformer.
  • It sounds like a digital noise, almost like a scratch, whenever he adjusts the pots for the mid Tom/conga, low Tom, and hi Tom, respectively. (the continuation) free games