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Postby Galaxy3000 » Apr 6th, '17, 19:31

I've been experimenting a liitle bit with the NAVA Toms (specifically with the MidTom) the last 2 days.
I never really liked the Tom sound of the 909. It always sounded overloaded to me, so I decided to do some tests removing one or another 'ingredient' of the final sound.

Here are some recordings I made:

Recordings are named after the ingredients. These are the ingredients of the Toms:
-Burst (a short clipping attack of VCO1)

Secondly I made some tests adding pots to VCO1..3 (installed between clipping diodes and 2k2 Resistors R165/R167/R176 with Pin3 to GND) and Noise (same just before 22k Resistor R177).
Unfortunately the VCO Pots do not just attenuate levels but also change the particular waveform, from sine to slightly clipped sine.

Nevertheless the mod is quite simply that way and I really like some of the results!

Interested about your thoughts....
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Re: Tom Mods

Postby craigfox919 » Jan 7th, '22, 19:21

Short list of things I noticed:

* In mute mode the tempo display is not updated.
* In track write the pattern IMO should not be reset to A1 after pressing enter. Just advance the position and stay on the last selected pattern.
* EXT instrument should be able to have 2 velocity levels.

Planned features:
* SYSEX import and export
* Make the startup mode configurable.
* Make the sound levels user configurable. Keep in mind the patterns store the current instrument levels.
* Temporary change last step in a playing pattern (Pattern play only)

Things I'm not implementing:
* Sending swing over MIDI clock. A device should not abuse MIDI clock to send swing. A clock has to be a source of a stable timing, swing conflicts with stable timing.
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