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Re: SquareSeq vX.0 by e-licktronic

Postby Eddd » Jul 26th, '14, 16:43

Hi there!

I'm Edd from Barcelona, i'm getting crazy to resolve the same issue with LEDs (they stay on permanently) , i'm using an Arduino UNO r3 compatible board.

I've rechecked the connections and they are ok.
The lcd works good and the buttons responds good and the cables work good too,
only the LEDs issue

I would use it for sequencing a volca keys or volca beats.

Please i need your help there.

Thanks in advance!


Pd: sorry about my english!

Edit: i say "mad" instead of "crazy", sorry!
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Re: SquareSeq vX.0 by e-licktronic

Postby e-licktronic » Sep 15th, '14, 18:20

Dear Diyer,

We solved the bug on the SquareSeq v1.1. Please re-download this file, delete the old one and copy the new one in the library.
It will solve the Led ON problem (thank you Romain)

Best regards,
Best regards,
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