trying to build yocto v2

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trying to build yocto v2

Postby Oowl » Jul 6th, '17, 12:13

hello, i received today a yocto v2 kit
i didn't see it wasn't a full kit

so mouser see to be good for the other componments
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Re: trying to build yocto v2

Postby tjh392 » Jul 6th, '17, 14:05


It says on the Yocto 2 product page:

The kit includes:
    Two PCBs (the MainBoard and the IO board)
    All potentiometers
    Nineteen Cherry switches with caps (four of each colour, Red, Orange, Yellow and seven White)
    Seventeen 6x6mm Red illuminated tact switches with caps
    All transistors (original 2SC828R, 2SC945P, 2SA733P and 2SK30A
    Two BA6110 (One for the Handclap VCA and the other for the Boss PC-2 VCA)
    One AN6912
    One HD14584BP
    The µC preprogrammed (an Atmega1284P)
    Six 1N34A germanium Diodes

You need to buy these items to complete your Yocto 2:

What is not included in the kit:
    Resistors, capacitors, leds and all common parts are available in the Yocto v2.0 Mouser BOM.
    A case (check the forum. KacperPawluk sold some)
    A wall wart PSU 15Vac 1000mA
    Knobs potentiometers
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