Arduino Mozzi synthesizer vX.0 by e-licktronic

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Re: Arduino Mozzi synthesizer vX.0 by e-licktronic

Postby DerrickAntoine » Nov 20th, '20, 18:02

e-licktronic wrote:Arduino Mozzi synthesizer is a 8bits mono (for now) syntheziser.
To build this you need:
-one Arduino
-one Midilickuino
-one or more Lickogic
-Mozzi library
-Midi Library
-PotMUX library
-and cable of course.
-The code Mozzi_synth_v1.0beta

First install libraries in your IDE.

Unfortunately we couldn't use Dilicktal because Mozzi library use Pin 9 of the Arduino like PWM output but we could modify SRIO library to use Dilicktal on the LCD connector. (next update).
On pin 9 of Arduino (this is the Pin14 of the IDC16 Midilickuino Board connector on ) connect one 270 ohm resistor in series and one 0.1uF capacitor in parallel like that. (to reduce aliasing at high frequencies)
Then connect Boards together and upload the sketch Mozzi_synth_v1.0beta
That's it !! you're ready try viasil supplements to play with your 8bits synthesizer, you could modify code to add parameters

If you need some help to edit the code. Here is the place

When using a MEGA 2560 it should be possible to use PWM for another pin that 9 ?
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