[SOLD] Yocto 1 For Sale : Erica Synths Case + 10 Mods

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[SOLD] Yocto 1 For Sale : Erica Synths Case + 10 Mods

Postby pistrix » Sep 5th, '19, 04:54

$1000 USD with Priority Mail Shipping & Handling included in the USA
(Will ship globally if you pay s&h and customs fees)

YOCTO hardware vers 1.00
YOCTO OS 1.2b (Latest version w/ TapWrite, Trig Roll, MIDI Dump/Restore)
Includes 15VAC Power Adaptor + Printed Updated Manual
High-quality aluminum case made by Erica Synths
Red-Oak wood sides with chestnut stain/finish

10 Mods Added to front panel (8 Knobs: BassDrum Tune, BassDrum Envelope (Attack), Low Tom Decay, RimShot/Clave Tune, HandClap Offset, CowBell Decay, Open Hihat Tune, Closed HiHat Tune + 1 Switch: Cymbal Decay [Short/Long] + Extended/Infinite BassDrum Decay)

4 Mods Added internally: (4 Fine-tuning Trimpots: BassDrum Decay, SnareDrum Noise, SnareDrum Snappy, Cymbal Noise)

**All mods are properly grounded and socketed for easy maintenance

PM me for more info, photos & soundclips

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