Fully built Yocto 1 for sale with metallic case (EU)

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Fully built Yocto 1 for sale with metallic case (EU)

Postby milanvdmeer » Sep 10th, '18, 08:32


I'm selling my Yocto due to a lack of time messing with it.

It's fully built and works!
It comes with the standard knobs which I didn't even put on yet.
Adapter included.
Has a metal case with on/off switch on the back.
Used mostly blue resistors (better tolerance).
Placed the ICs on headers for easy replacement and prevent heat damage.
Raised the step buttons to align with the case.
No mods. Replaced some resistors for the cowbell to tune it better to the original.

Please PM me for photo's and audio demos!

Located in the Netherlands and payment via PayPal.

950 euro + shipping (Europe only)

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