SOLD (UK/EU): Nava TR-909 clone ‘HappyMum’ metal case

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SOLD (UK/EU): Nava TR-909 clone ‘HappyMum’ metal case

Postby momo » Nov 13th, '17, 17:06

Thank you - this has sold! Cheers, Momo

Hi all. I have a metal Nava case from the first batch made by forum member ‘HappyMum’ AKA Julie. I placed the order in July 2016 and took delivery that winter. The case has been securely stored in a heated room ever since and is in first class condition. I ordered two, not even made one Nava yet ( :? ) and so I’ve decided to offer one of the cases for sale.

These are lovely cases with really nice silkscreening. The cases are still in the original shipping container, never unwrapped! Here is what I paid for it along with the pictures (click the link and across down):

Price is 119€ + shipping cost. For that price you get the box and a LCD acrylic window. Rubber feet and screws are included in the Mouser BOM that Vincent made.

Check this thread for the original post and pics too:

These cases are no longer made and Julie has no plans to make another batch (you can however register your interest with Kacper for a future run, or Erica supply a case very similar to this - see their site). I’m asking £100 + shipping. Let me know if you’re interested.

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