We are building Nava 909 W/Rom 1.023

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We are building Nava 909 W/Rom 1.023

Postby Computer Science » Aug 19th, '17, 13:53

Dear Nava & Yocto fans

We are a small electronic company based in Paris, and we are offering now Nava 909 w/Rom v1.023 Built To Order.
This mean we can build the machine for you.

Have a look to our Ebay shop here: http://www.ebay.fr/itm/282613045137?ssP ... 1558.l2649

We have now a couple of them in stock, but we are planning to take more pre-orders, starting 08th of September 017.

They are all handbuilt - turnover to get them built, calibrated and tested plus shipped is around 2 full weeks.

For pre-order we are asking for 50% of the amount upfront.

You can either pre-order it, or wait that we sell it online in our Ebay shop.

Check our Ebay rates, we have a very good reputation, you can buy with confidence.

Direct message me for more information and high-res photo of the machine, or send us an email
at: info (at) computerscience (dot) fr

Best regards,

The team
Computer Science
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Re: We are building Nava 909 W/Rom 1.023

Postby crisp » Aug 22nd, '17, 20:19


I had a NAVA last year. Two things made me sad, so I had to sell it.

Does version 1.023 address the problem with the High Tom being too loud?

Does version 1.023 allow the pattern to play to completion before switching to the next? Or does the pattern immediately switch to the next pattern. That drove me crazy.

Lastly, would you be able to build it for USA power? Or would you rather me buy a voltage converter?

Thank you,
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Re: We are building Nava 909 W/Rom 1.023

Postby Computer Science » Aug 22nd, '17, 20:53

Hello Steve,

Version 1.023 is better with the high tom.
We also have fixed the overloaded stereo output problems and noisy output problems.
The NAVA is now very quiet and has a great balanced stereo output.
Re the patterns: it switches by the end of the last note normally now.

The greatest side of the NAVA compared to the Roland TR-909 is its PSU, the PSU is actually an external one,
this mean you can just buy an 15V/1000Mah DC adapter in the US it will work
without a hitch

Here are the latest specification of the firmware

-No more HH ticks background noise
-Improved velocity on all instrument
You should replace C89 and C163 by 10nF (Build manual and Mouser BOM updated) ;)
-Clear pattern now set minimum velocity that increase velocity response
-CH Tap Mode bug fixed
-Improve Slave sync when pattern save/change (Please Keep up to date on improving sync cause we do not have this issue with our Midi interface)

-Fix OH select Bug

-Tap Bug fixed
-Velocity HH can be saved
-OH Velocity and Total ACC conflict solved
-Improved BD, SD and HC velocity response
-RX Midi channel issue solved
-Buttons functions improved
-Sync test in slave mode with a TR505 and with Ableton and Midi interface.
Sync with hardware is perfect but Nava loose some clock signal when sync with a software thru a Midi interface.
Replace R365 value by 1K and R314 value by 4K7 to increase Midi signal should solve this issue

-Fixed CH and OH bug in MIDI play
-Add a config page that allow you to set the sequencer pattern change SYNC or FREE: -Push Tempo button twice while holding SHIFT button to access to the second config page. Use the encoder to select "pCH" (pattern change) SYN => SYNC or FRE => FREE. push the enter button to store new sequencer setup

-Fixed Middle Tom low volume
-Now respond to Midi note ON velocity 0 message as a Midi note OFF message

-Fixed Total Accent issue on crash and ride instruments

-Original version

Best regards

Computer Science
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Re: We are building Nava 909 W/Rom 1.023

Postby lukep_gdansk » Aug 23rd, '17, 21:08

Perfect, but not DC power adapter, but AC!!

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Re: We are building Nava 909 W/Rom 1.023

Postby kid303 » Jan 20th, '23, 10:03

Does anyone know where you can get a picture of the 1.023 board, I can't find where C163 is or C89, the interactive BOM is wrong.
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