FS: Nava extra9 mod kit+extra9 case/3 standard Nava cases

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FS: Nava extra9 mod kit+extra9 case/3 standard Nava cases

Postby decoder303 » Jul 7th, '22, 20:06

I'd have some cases and a Nava extra9 mod kit for sale. The extra9 mod kit is not built and unused and comes with potentiometers and some electronic parts + a cardbox with probably most of the additionally needed parts from the BOM. I've also the correpsonding Nava case from Erica Synths in white (also unused and still wrapped up like it comes from Erica Synths), the extra9 kit and the case only get sold bundled. Price would be 350,00 EUR + shipping for the case, Extra9 kit and the additional parts (it's possible that some parts are missing, so you'd have to check if you'll need some parts, but most parts should be there).

Further 3 standard Nava cases which are all used and have slight signs of wear, nothing serious but not new. 1 black case from Erica Synths, 1 white case from Erica Synths and 1 of the cases which were organized from a member in the forum.. Each case 60 EUR + shipping.

If you're interested, please send a pm or preferably contact me via e-mail at sales(at)kumptronics(dot)com and I can send some fotos.

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Re: FS: Nava extra9 mod kit+extra9 case/3 standard Nava case

Postby misa » Nov 19th, '22, 22:47

Hi, is the extra 9 kit still for sale?

I‘m interested.
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