MIDI song position and software issues

MIDI song position and software issues

Postby whomper » Jun 27th, '20, 14:39


I've just finished my Yocto2 build and have encountered a few software issues:

1. Track play mode is not synchronized to MIDI song position - It starts playback from current track position irrespective of sequencer song position.
2. When scrolling BPM below 100 (Pattern Edit mode), display reads 990 and on - Should revert to two digit display versus 3 digits, or at least have first digit 0 to read 099
3. TRIG and AC buttons should be reversed in software - Button #13 which reads TRIG is actually the AC function and vice versa with button #14
4. In track play mode, is there an option to advance the Position to a specific number?

First item is especially problematic for me as I can not work with the unit's Track mode without midi song position.

Vincent, any thoughts on the above items?
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