Official Yocto² Firmware

Re: Official Yocto² Firmware

Postby Dicky » Jun 28th, '19, 13:42

Hi Keith,

I'm trying to do the same as you with an Arduino. I'm very new to this type of thing though.. Could you please walk me through it a bit. I've followed the instructions from the V1 bootloader link (using 1.0.6) but how do I install v2.003 instead of v1?

Many thanks in advance!
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Re: Official Yocto² Firmware

Postby Keith » Jul 1st, '19, 15:06

You basically have to go to the command line. I'll start another thread tonight with the whole procedure and link it here.

Edit: Done!
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Re: Official Yocto² Firmware

Postby motjee » Nov 6th, '19, 17:47

Anyone know the status of Flam in Yocto 2? There's no documentation at all.. :(
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Re: Official Yocto² Firmware

Postby bizillcizole » Nov 8th, '19, 22:04

Only one pattern in a chain plays while in mute mode. I mentioned this in another thread, but no response there, so I thought I'd try here. Is this a bug or intended function? @e-licktronic! Please respond!
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Re: Official Yocto² Firmware

Postby njosnari » Jan 5th, '22, 15:59

Is the 2.003beta the newest version?
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Re: Official Yocto² Firmware

Postby e-licktronic » Jan 30th, '23, 16:21

Hi Diyer,

Yocto² project is now open source on Github
Best regards,
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