Using Yocto2 with Logic Pro

Using Yocto2 with Logic Pro

Postby elliottsaray » Aug 27th, '20, 21:42

Hi all,

I am sad to say I'm an absolute noob when it comes to all of this. I've been a guitar player a long time and not only is this the first drum machine I've ever owned, it's also the first thing I've ever owned with a MIDI port save for my soundcard.

Effectively what I would like to achieve using my Yocto2 is this:

Is this possible? If so, what cables should I be connecting where and does anyone have advice on how to configure this in Logic?
For what it's worth my interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4.
Again I apologise for having no damn idea what I'm doing. :(

Thank you all, I learned a lot searching this forum during the build process and hope I can count on you kind people!
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Re: Using Yocto2 with Logic Pro

Postby metro_electro » Oct 20th, '20, 19:30


I've only just finished my Yocto build so I'm about to test what I'm writing here but what I've written works on any DAW in principle. I can't speak to how stable or well Yocto handles this. I see threads here where there seems to be some issues.

I didn't go through the video all the way nor do I use Logic or MAC but the principles are the same. I assume you are trying to do a few things:

1. Record and play back the Yocto pattern that you've made (done via MIDI).
2. Record the audio from the Yocto to your computer (actual Audio)

You'll see that the Scarlett has both a midi in / out. So does the Yocto. The Scarlett also has 1/4" line inputs. You need:

- 2 Midi cables
- At least a stereo 1/4" jack (2x mono TS jacks)

Here's the configuration:
- Yocto Midi Out to Scarlett Midi In
- Yocto Midi In to Scarlett Midi Out
- Yocto Audio Out L/R to Scarlett audio in L/R. For the moment set your input level on the scarlett low for now so as not to overdrive it. You will adjust this to taste when you are ready to record the audio. I'm also skipping over the individual instrument outs for now.

On the Yocto, go to the config menu and set it to SLAVE. You are doing this because you want Logic to drive the tempo and start/stop. While here decide what Midi channels you want to transmit and receive. I think default is 1/1 which is fine for now so let's leave it.

In Logic, head to you preferences and confirm that you have your scarlet selected for both midi in and out transmissions. You will also want to switch on the clock sync here. That 'closes the loop' so that Logic is the master software running the start/stop of the Yocto.

Now you can follow the video. You have a few ways you can do this but if it was me I'd want to capture my midi loop and capture the audio too. This can be done in one go or over several recordings but basically you will create a midi channel to capture 'channel 1' patterns during recording. You can then send this pattern back to channel 1 on playback. If you're happy with the sequence of patterns create an audio channel in logic and capture the stereo signal at your desired input level.
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