Sounds Different when Using External Midi

Sounds Different when Using External Midi

Postby Dicky » Jul 17th, '20, 14:22

Hi everyone,

Each instrument sounds slightly different when triggered by external midi as a pose to the internal sequencer. Seems to respond to velocity on a sliding scale as well.. I would have thought only 2 states would be available: Accent & no Accent.
Please can anyone help with this?

Many thanks in advance,

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Re: Sounds Different when Using External Midi

Postby svks » Jul 18th, '20, 11:35

Mine sounds different too. I remember reading about it and iirc this is how original machines behave as well, when used with external MIDI. At least it adds variety to available sounds so I take it as an option rather than a problem.
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Re: Sounds Different when Using External Midi

Postby whomper » Jul 18th, '20, 13:03

I just experienced that as well. When focusing on the SD for example, the sound is a bit more "woody" using MIDI vs. the internal trigger, which to me is less desirable. It seems like the internal balance between the tone generators of each sound is different, which is more than just a volume difference.

This is also perhaps attributed to trigger length difference between MIDI and the internal trigger, so perhaps easily changed via software upgrade.

I was hoping to use MIDI triggers to overcome Track mode external MIDI sync issues (no MIDI song position, no pattern reset to start on step 1, drums sync issues when switching patterns) but the sound difference is difficult to overcome.
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Re: Sounds Different when Using External Midi

Postby whomper » Jul 20th, '20, 06:51

Did some more testing with the SD sound using front panel button and MIDI trigger.
It seems the TONE setting behaves differently:
When triggered from front panel, turning the Tone control has a lower range of change versus when triggering from MIDI, where it has a more pronounced effect.

All the way to the left (CCW) both triggers sound the same, however when setting Tone at mid point, MIDI trigger generates a sound that has a higher tone than front panel knob which creates a more subtle sound difference.

Seems almost that the increased Tone range of MIDI trigger is where it should be.

Same with the BD and the Tone knob range. All other sounds seem consistent regardless of trigger source.
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Re: Sounds Different when Using External Midi

Postby medbot » Aug 6th, '20, 00:54

I've been trying to get this right myself since I built my Yocto2 about a year ago. This issue was not present on the Yocto1, so I'm hoping a solution is possible. I scoped the triggers a bit when I was trying to figure out if it was a build error or firmware glitch, and the triggers are actually different when fired from the onboard sequencer vs. being fired by MIDI. If I remember correctly, the MIDI generated triggers are about half the length and a bit higher in voltage than the on board sequencer's. I believe the problem is only present on certain voices (snare and bass drum especially) because the triggers on those voices are essentially pinging a filter into oscillation (that's the tone you hear on SD and BD). The MIDI triggers are pinging the filters in a significantly different way, leading to a significantly different sound. I really hope this gets fixed because I love the Yocto but I prefer to sequence externally. Cheers!
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