BEWARE -Pharmasonic member took our money and disappeared

  • Yep, that's the one.
  • I tried to contact someone from that website a few months ago about midi retrofit kits they had for sale on an auction site. I got the following automated response (translated from japanese):
    Due to serious health problems, all orders were very delayed.
    We sincerely apologize to all our customers sincerely.
    I will do my best to ship your order as soon as possible.
    Also, we can not accept new orders for a while.
    We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • I am a vintage synthesizer collector with 35 years experience. In June 2021 I purchased 3 vintage synthesizers (Arp Axxe, Roland CMU-810 and a Korg DDM220) valued over AUD$2500 from (Moduleart JP / Modulart Japan) that were shipped as empty boxes to an address in another city, confirtmed by Australia Post. I found 9 more people at the Facebook group "Pharmasonic delivery issues" with the same issue, the web store owner continually makes excuses about JapanPost not helping and making mistakes or Square being unable to somehow process the refund, he and simply wont refund, and eventually he tells you to make a bank claim. I researched the web shop, the items on sale (which many have been sold over the past 10 years on, yahoo Auction and eBay as the user "nava_yocto" and "CEM3320" using the same item pictures he uses now). I identified the owners true identity and locations he operates from in Japan. When I confront the owner with the evidence, he said he doesn't want any trouble and amazingly I got my refund the next day. All of this is documented. It took until November 2021 and over 60 emails. Most people are not getting refunds with an estimated $200,000 defrauded. The owner hides behind the name Ori is Olivier Trambouze who fled from France in 2006 after doing the same fraud with the same item pictures, then he was known as "cem334
  • Hi it is correct ChrysFlynn, he is unfavorably known in France, i already met him in real more than 10 years ago in Lyon in France, it is a born liar... He hides in Japan and set up a new company there.