Low conga + clave issues

Low conga + clave issues

Postby Sevenatenine » Nov 18th, '17, 14:24

I’m itching to get my yocto fully working, especially now that I have my case, but there are a few issues that I’m running into.

1) My clave only sounds like a very short, barely audible tick. It almost sounds like you’re only hearing the attack of the sound and nothing else. In the file below, the rim shots are first played, then the switch is flipped to clave at 0:08.


2) My low conga doesn’t sustain as much as a regular 808’s. The low toms sound fine to me though. In the file below, the low congas are played and the switch is flipped to the low toms.


3) Overall, the output seems distorted. Is it clipping internally? Something in the mixer section that isn’t quite right? The distortion if most noticeable for hi hats, but seems to be a general thing not tied to a specific voice.

I have gone through both the low tom/conga and rimshot/clave sections and checked over all the values, but nothing seems out of place. It is possible that I didn’t do a thorough enough job though. I’ve also started replacing transistors to see if any of them were faulty, but no luck. Any insight/thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you so much!
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