Bassdrum has no sound unless I touch ic114 with my finger.

  • In addition, I found that IC1 is a little hot, not very hot, but higher than other IC temperature.
  • supercaby wrote:Hi everyone,
    Recently, I encountered a strange problem.
    My Bassdrum of Yocto² has no sound. But when I touch the 13pin of ic114 with my finger or tweezers, Bassdrum can make a sound, but there is no sound after a short time. If I touch again, it will make sound again.
    So, what's the problem?

    Hi there,

    I am facing the same issue here, tried to swap IC1, IC2, IC3, IC111, IC114....

    After reflowing some holes, now i have triggers for PC2, Hats, CB, but only if i touch IC1 or IC2 i get the rest of the triggers, and they fade away after appx 10x trigs...

    Did you find a solution?

    I guess i will try some more ICs, it seems that not all are working well in the circuit
  • For future reference, now all works perfectly after i installed another 4049
    All were from TI, brand new, but i had to try 3 different ones before it worked