BA662 mod for Clap

BA662 mod for Clap

Postby Dicky » Jun 28th, '19, 21:40

Just in case anyone's interested I got an original BA662 chip to work in the Clap section using 2 SIL Sockets. The only pins that need to be reordered are 1, 3 and 4 going to 4, 1 and 3 on the PCB respectively.

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Re: BA662 mod for Clap

Postby gihaume » Jun 29th, '19, 07:50

Nice, thanks.

A nice addition would be heat-shrink tubing.
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Re: BA662 mod for Clap

Postby Thrash » Nov 25th, '19, 14:56

How does it sound in comparison?
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Re: BA662 mod for Clap

Postby metro_electro » Oct 8th, '20, 18:31

@ Thrash - you are rarely going to hear a difference between 662A and 6110 since these usually act as VCAs, though it's worthwhile if you're tying to be in keeping with the original circuit!

From memory I recall that there were slight differences in gain but I don't believe there is a difference in 'color'. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!
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