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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby PortableFishy » Jun 16th, '20, 18:10

Thanks, will try to reach out to him and see if its still available!
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Supersaw » Jun 19th, '20, 14:07

jalilus wrote:Hey guys,

I am selling an Extra9 full kit + Enclosure (from erica synths).

Most of the work is already done. The entire mod board is completed and only needs to be installed on your existing Nava board.

I bought this kit directly from Wellental back in September and had it installed by a professional last month.

I decided to sell this kit because I prefer the sound of my Nava without any mod.

I payed around 208€ for the full kit (shipped) and 181€ for the NAVA Extra9 case with knob caps (shipped).

Let me know if anyone is interested and we will work out a deal (I live in Canada).


Is the Extra 9 Mod still available? Thanks!
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Supersaw » Jun 19th, '20, 14:18

I'm new to the forum. I joined since I'm looking forward to build my own Nava 909 Extra 9! :)

The reason I write here in the thread is because I've ordered all the parts I need, including the Extra 9 case from Erica and also the Extra 9 Kit from Wellental. Unfortunately I have not yet heard a reply from Wellental or a shipping date for my ordered kit. I have written several emails but no response so far...
Does anybody know if there is an issue with the google form? Has anybody heard from Wellental in the past few weeks? Since I'm new to the forum, I can't write any PMs...

Many thanks and best regards
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby yulvinen » Aug 16th, '20, 08:46

About to begin soldering of the Extra9 PCB. Measuring ~128kOhm from +15V to Gnd which seems small. Is this normal?

The ICs are already mounted, don't see any obvious solder bridges. Also cleaned around the IC:s with isopropyl alcohol to remove any flux residue, resistance is the same 128k.
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby yulvinen » Aug 16th, '20, 19:18

Figured it out, the TLC555s should show some resistance between VDD and GND according to datasheet.
There is also a smaller resistance from the CONT to VDD terminal, in my case I measured it as ~70kOhm.

This means it is probably ok, no bridges etc.
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby nervousapps » Sep 11th, '20, 11:38


Will some extra 9 kit+ be available ? Ok the response is in the google form ^^ : NO
Also does EricaSynth plan to make some extra9 cases ? Seen with EricaSynths : YES !

Thanks :)
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Marti » Oct 12th, '20, 11:21


By looking at previous answers to this topic, I guess I'm not the only one unclear about the availability of Nava Extra 9 kits. So allow me to ask again if someone know if there are still kits available or is is already over? :)

However, if it's no more available, does someone know if the footprints for the PCB and a BOM are available for the Extra9 kit?

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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Eduard Schneider » Oct 14th, '20, 10:07

Hi there,

I'm excited about the new run of Extra 9. My kit has been shipped and the Case from Erica Synths as well but SHOCK and HORROR - many exclamation marks of parts not being in stock OR NO LONGER AVAILABLE on the REICHELT BOM.
Any advice or direction?

Thank you,

Eduard Schneider
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby gihaume » Oct 14th, '20, 12:43

The "critical" parts to get to Reichelt are the cables (EDIT: because they are cheap and ready to use), otherwise I think you can easily find everything else elsewhere. It's also very likely that you can get equivalents in Reichelt.
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Dav1K » Oct 22nd, '20, 03:32

Nava Extra9 v3.2.1 BOM

My Extra9 kit arrived yesterday and I wanted to wait for the arrival to test some parts against the actual kit to make sure fitment was ideal. This is mainly regarding the angled headers along the top of the PCB. I was told they were 2.5mm pitch headers; however, my stash of 2.54mm headers fit perfectly fine. I think this is great news as 2.54mm (0.1" standard) pitch headers are far more easily and cheaply sourced.

I do not have a Nava kit proper, so I cannot check fitment with any of the parts the Extra9 BOM calls to replace on that board.

This is the exact BOM I intend to assemble with, but I just want to warn others that this is strictly for reference and I have not successfully completed the build yet. I am waiting for my Nava kit to arrive and then go from there.
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