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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby PortableFishy » Jun 16th, '20, 18:10

Thanks, will try to reach out to him and see if its still available!
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Supersaw » Jun 19th, '20, 14:07

jalilus wrote:Hey guys,

I am selling an Extra9 full kit + Enclosure (from erica synths).

Most of the work is already done. The entire mod board is completed and only needs to be installed on your existing Nava board.

I bought this kit directly from Wellental back in September and had it installed by a professional last month.

I decided to sell this kit because I prefer the sound of my Nava without any mod.

I payed around 208€ for the full kit (shipped) and 181€ for the NAVA Extra9 case with knob caps (shipped).

Let me know if anyone is interested and we will work out a deal (I live in Canada).


Is the Extra 9 Mod still available? Thanks!
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Supersaw » Jun 19th, '20, 14:18

I'm new to the forum. I joined since I'm looking forward to build my own Nava 909 Extra 9! :)

The reason I write here in the thread is because I've ordered all the parts I need, including the Extra 9 case from Erica and also the Extra 9 Kit from Wellental. Unfortunately I have not yet heard a reply from Wellental or a shipping date for my ordered kit. I have written several emails but no response so far...
Does anybody know if there is an issue with the google form? Has anybody heard from Wellental in the past few weeks? Since I'm new to the forum, I can't write any PMs...

Many thanks and best regards
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