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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby kid303 » Oct 10th, '19, 14:52

I dont think my shipping was much cheaper and I'm in Europe.

I cant remember how much it was but I do remember thinking ouch when the final price came up.

I wish people would stick to either not including vat or including vat in the price, 9 times out of 10 it is included in a price so I hate when you think great thats the price and then you realise its without vat.

The erica synths case was one of those that when it came to check out the price is suddenly a lot higher.

the case cost 183 euros to the UK which is obviously quite a bit higher than it is advertised for 125.

Mouser is the same, you think you are paying what is in the cart and then bam the vat kicks in, it just really bugs me and catches you off guard, most places in the UK just include it in the price you are going to pay, most peolpe dont have the time to calculate the vat, I want to know how much they want for the product so I can pay and bugger off.......grrrr.

Sorry just bugs me...... right thats my daily rant over and done with, now just waiting on the Extra9 mod kit now, should be any time soon, I received a reply saying it would be about three to four weeks as of the 16th september, so any time soon but I havent had a payment slip, I guess he takes the money once he has had them made up instead of asking for the cash up front
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby bizillcizole » Oct 15th, '19, 05:07

I received an email from Wellental stating Extra9 kits will be available soon, with a full-kit option for those outside Europe. I assume anyone who cares about this already knows, and I'm not sure if you haven't already reserved a kit that there is additional availability, but I thought I'd post here just in case there were stragglers who might like to try to get on the bandwagon. Cheers.

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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby zener » Dec 3rd, '19, 20:31

Anyone know what the values of capacitors C78, C79,C80 are?
These are above the diodes on the hihat filter..
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