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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby gihaume » Aug 19th, '18, 19:57

No I was thinking about going back to it when I will remove its cardboard panel to put it in a case. I don't want to be stuck with it open, I just love to use it so much.

Maybe Yves Usson (Yusynth) could help with this ? He's very helpful on another french forum.
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Wellental » Aug 26th, '18, 08:14

Some update about cases:

As for Kacpers case, you can follow his progress on the previous order form:

Also EricaSynth case is on it's way! - but I can not give you a release date for now!
I received and installed a prototype this week! hardware wise everything sits very nicely, next step they will adapt the full design...

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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby gihaume » Aug 26th, '18, 11:12

Very nice !
WTF why is it wrote Cocteau ?
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby serum114 » Aug 27th, '18, 12:34

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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Macgyverradio » Aug 29th, '18, 03:58

I like how it says cocteau lol
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby consumer » Sep 9th, '18, 05:37

I'm making really slow progress on this: My one-year-old daughter has become the focus & recipient of all of my energy, physical and mental. I have little time for other pursuits but find myself extremely fulfilled as a human. That said:
I'm building up the Nava and the Extra9 at the same time.

My first question or observation about the Extra9 documentation is that I'm unclear on the instructions on connecting wires between the three pcbs. The easiest way to clarify this would be to provide photos of the build and some recommendation on those wire lengths.

My next question concerns the 'Optional' CV In for the High Hats. I'm unclear on what the CV input actually controls (I think it's the cutoff frequency, but that's not explicitly stated). That said, it doesn't matter what that CV controls; I intend to implement it: Do you have recommendation on where & how to mount the input and its attenuator? - I haven't brought my case to the drill press yet to add the additional holes. Having some notion of where to add the two extra would ...streamline my progress.

My last question is about testing the build as I go: If I'm building a Nava and the Extra9 at the same time, performing the voltage testing that the Nava build docs indicate may not pan out the same way (admittedly, I haven't reviewed the Extra9 alterations to the schematic enough to understand where reference voltage changes may occur). It is also true that the Extra9 documentation doesn't include any voltage references for testing as one goes: An easy way to solve both of these things is to offer reference voltages at each section, to facilitate troubleshooting.

Beyond that... If there's anywhere else in this thing might take 0-+5 control voltage, I'm interested: Please let me know.

Peace, love and understanding,
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby Wellental » Sep 27th, '18, 07:20

Hi consumer - sorry for the late answer!

pictures of the connections don't really work, because there are so many (you would end up in one of those riddles for kids, where you have to find the correct path for the mouse to get the cheese ;) )

Besides the power connection, all wires from the Extra9 PCB go down to the NAVA PCB - most to the bottom side, just the 3 on the far left, to the top side of NAVA PCB (to Attack pot).

For for making the connections you just have to match the numbers of the connectors with the solder point on the NAVA PCB according to the manual. You can ignore the additional labels in the manual.
The connectors on the Extra9 PCB are numbered from left to right( on top side - pin 1 is a rectangular solder plate). In the manual there is a picture of the NAVA silkscreen of that section - bottom side. An arrow plus the corresponding number points you to the connection of each wire.
    - red boxes indicate parts that have to be removed before making the connections
    - purple boxes indicate parts that may not be removed for connections
    - blue boxes indicate parts that don't get a connection at all but have to be replaced by a different value
I know it might get a bit confusing in the beginning - but it's really just following the numbering.

For power connection I really rcommend to connect it directly to the connector on the NAVA IO board in parallel with the wires coming from the NAVA Main board. Use the connectors included with the Extra9 Kit - 2 options: crimping or MTA-156.

Optional CV
Yes Cutoff CV - mounting the input and attenuator may be a hassle because there is only little space left. I would try to go at back plate, on top of the Instrument outs...

Voltage Testing
I'm not 100% sure about your question - are you reffering to the supply voltage testing of +15V/-15V/GND/+5V or the scope points on the PCB (ENVs, etc)?
    - as for the supply voltages, these are not changed! but no, there are no testing points indicated on the PCB.
    - concerning the scope points.. that is a difficult but good question :oops: ! Generally I would say, that you can keep going using the testing points on the NAVA baord since most modifications wont change the overall oparation but make a decay-time or a tuning etc. variable - but I'll go thru it and may make a detailed list
In general I would recommend assambling the NAVA first and bring it to life befor beginning with the Extra9... it may be much easier for troubleshooting. Just keep in mind that some of the parts have to be replaced later. Just dont attache those parts fully to the board and use just a little solder - make it easy to remove the parts later!
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby consumer » Oct 14th, '18, 04:42

Dear Wellental,
Sorry I didn't write back sooner: I started to, but then life got in the way.

I've taken your most beneficial advice: To simply build the stock Nava 909 before I add your expansion to it. I'm keeping the leads of everything that needs replaced or removed very long so that they're easy to remove... or replace. Although I think it's possible to integrate your modules at the same time - because I'm simple - I'm just building that Nava step-by-step according to the instruction and then will integrate your expansion.

Thanks for the noise source, btw.

I'll look for a good place to mount those extra CVs and let you know.

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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby detonacid » Oct 24th, '18, 11:03

[quote="Wellental"] hi,
I wonder if your mods are compataibles with the latest firmware 0.28 + muhx cards?
Thanks! super works : D
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby poser1 » Oct 31st, '18, 18:53

Hey everyone, I'm just curious, if any of you have ordered a case from Kacper, have you received it yet? I PM'd him last week but haven't heard back. Thanks
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