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Leds mods

Postby Dr.Knob » Dec 27th, '16, 09:59


Here are the locations of each resistances of the leds, this allows to put other colors of leds, selecting different values of resistances.

-Keypad 1-->16:

S1 R672
S2 R673
S3 R674
S4 R675

S5 R676
S6 R677
S7 R678
S8 R679

S9 R680
S10 R681
S11 R682
S12 R683

S13 R684
S14 R685
S15 R686
S16 R687

-Start keypad:
S17 R641

-Stop/cont keypad:
S18 R640

-Enter keypad:
S19 R616

-LCD lighting: R694

-Scale leds:
Led 1 R628
Led 2 R629
Led 3 R630
Led4 R631

-Other resistors 1K2: Small rectangular square buttons.
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