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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby FlavioB » Feb 17th, '22, 18:40

moogchild_synthdrome wrote:I've found a mistake in the Extra9 board and the schematics. I haven't seen it commented here, so I'm mentioning it just in case. Capacitor C75 is reversed both in the schematics and in the silkprinting on the board. Positive pole is connected to ground while negative goes to the +15V line, and it has to be just the opposite. Take care while soldering this part, just turn it upside down. I'm sure most people might have it installed the wrong way.

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Thanks for reporting.
What's the consequence of the wrong orientation of this cap?
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Re: Extra9 - NAVA Expansion Kits

Postby misa » Nov 19th, '22, 20:27

Sorry if this is off topic for this thread, but I‘m looking everywhere for an Extra 9 kit. Does anyone have an extra one? One they aren‘t building after all and wanting to let go?

I‘ll gladly buy it from you.

Thank you
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