Muxboard V2 TH

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Muxboard V2 TH

Postby TEAMBANZAI » Nov 29th, '19, 13:17

Hello all,

Here is an OSHPARK link to the 2 through hole muxboards I made up since no matter what I tried and tested the SMT ones would not work 100%. This is definitely a more expensive route to take, since minimum order would be for 6 boards total. On average I would say between $50-70 total for all the parts+shipping.

The BOM is the same as the original, just switch out all the types to TH instead of SMT. For IC114, you will need to put a riser pinheader in between the board and socket to clear the capacitor that is below it. Suggest using sockets for all the ICs to make replacement (if needed) easier.




If needed, you can download the Eagle .BRD file that is linked on OSHPARK, so one can see the values of parts.
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Re: Muxboard V2 TH

Postby gihaume » Nov 29th, '19, 18:26

Great !
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Re: Muxboard V2 TH

Postby secrethero303 » Nov 30th, '19, 15:00

While I did manage to get a couple sets of SMT ones to work, I went with a pair of TH ones too (different design, but same idea) and can confirm that they work great. I would go this route if anyone is struggling to get the others to work right.
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Re: Muxboard V2 TH

Postby holiveira » Mar 5th, '20, 11:51


I have 2 pairs of MuXboard V2 TH to sell.
10.70 euros each pair + postal costs


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Re: Muxboard V2 TH

Postby theomoulin » Jun 20th, '20, 10:22

holiveira wrote:Hi,

I have 2 pairs of MuXboard V2 TH to sell.
10.70 euros each pair + postal costs




Are they still available ?
I would be very interested ! :)
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