Excessive NAVA Expansion Kit

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Re: Excessive NAVA Expansion Kit

Postby KlangGenerator » May 6th, '19, 20:38

Also very happy I didn't go for the Kacper case either. My experience with his previous Cocteau and Nava cases was terrible.
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Re: Excessive NAVA Expansion Kit

Postby gihaume » May 8th, '19, 16:14

KlangGenerator wrote:Did you drill the Chia Shin knobs to make them fit on the knurled mod knobs? Do they sit tight?

I drilled them with a 6mm drill bit. They sit nicely tight and at the same height than normal ones. Some Tayda pots may make some a bit hard to remove (the other kind ones are just perfect), but with a cable to catch them it's very doable.
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