Volume Scaling Issues / OH Decay / Hat Issues

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Volume Scaling Issues / OH Decay / Hat Issues

Postby g3nology » Feb 4th, '17, 19:17

Currently running firmware 1.20.

Present issues (I'm pretty sure they're software related and not hardware, but feel free to correct me if wrong):

1. Rim shot, hat, and ride volumes in particular have poor scaling of volume. They go from 0% volume to say %30-40 volume after small adjustments to the gain knob. In comparison to the kick and snare for example, which are a 1/4 of the volume at the same positions (as they should be).

2. OH decay doesn't seem to affect the OH at all, furthermore, it seems their is some strange interplay between the CL and OH decay knobs. If OH decay is all the way counter clockwise (at 7 o clock) CH decay has a lot of decay to it and is unaffected by the CL hat decay knob. With OH decay all the way clockwise at 5 o clock, adjusting the CH decay clockwise provides the lengthen of the CL hat decay as one wold expect.

3. When I mute the hats or drop the hat volume sometimes theirs like ghost hat notes that continue for a few bars before disappearing. In other cases it's like they default to 16 steps with a very very short decay but enough that you can hear the hat click in the BG.
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