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Re: Nava2021 (post v1.028beta)

Postby druu » Apr 24th, '22, 00:09

I haven't been here for a while but started playing with my NAVA again recently, looks like the firmware source was finally released!

I tried updating but for some reason 1,3,5 power on does not work for sysex upload on my unit. Any ideas? I'm currently running v1.028b from the official firmware thread (using the 'tools.rar' method that included the Bootloader.hex file).

Also, I've noticed the new firmware filename says it includes the bootloader. Any idea how I can flash this via avrdude? Ideally SysEx method is preferred but no idea why that's not working right now (tried using C6, MIOS, SysEx Librarian, etc. but no luck - on a Mac).

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