Config Page 2

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Config Page 2

Postby Oortone » Dec 6th, '20, 17:21

I just updated to Firmware 1.028 and there's a second Config page.
There's an explanation for the first setting (already in fw 1.02 *) so that's ok but what about the other three?

Mte: HH or C/O
Seems to be related to OH/CH muting but I can't hear any difference when changing it.

nc. xxx
nc. xxx
Are these two unimplemented fields or do they mean anything?

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Re: Config Page 2

Postby orbist » Dec 15th, '20, 08:42

V26, in release notes...

Seperate CH/OH mute (can be set to combined mute again in global settings page 2)

The nc xx i always assumed were empty slots for,any future additions.
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