Nava v1.0 Firmware

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Re: Nava v1.0 Firmware

Postby junglejingle78 » Nov 7th, '18, 12:12


try to use sysex librarian ...

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Re: Nava v1.0 Firmware

Postby mkho » Nov 7th, '18, 19:53

Thanks I will try and use the sysex librarian + dropping the .sysx output buffer size.

This^^^^^ solved it
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Re: Nava v1.0 Firmware

Postby pistrix » Nov 10th, '18, 17:10

new firmware is aweeeesommmeeeeee, still haven't messed with expander mode, but flam, fixed numbering, separated hats are massively appreciated, thanks so much zabox!
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Re: Nava v1.0 Firmware

Postby FlavioB » Apr 7th, '19, 12:43

kacperpawluk wrote:Is there any plans to make pattern length more than 16 steps? It will be very useful to make 32 or even 64 steps pattern.

Following up on this one as well.
I'd like to get at least 32 steps (but 64 would be best)!
Any feedback on this?
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Re: Nava v1.0 Firmware

Postby cs1729 » Sep 14th, '19, 23:55

Is the firmware still being worked on? I can see some bugs like double triggering in tap mode or encoder controlling the tempo after you've left the screen. Or is the source available anywhere? I can only see an old version of it.
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