NAVA without bassdrum

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NAVA without bassdrum

Postby Serum88 » May 10th, '21, 15:34

Hello everyone,

I recently finished building the Nava V1.02 kit. Everything works perfectly except the bassdrum.
Indeed the bassdrum does not produce any sound, I checked all the components, changed the M5218L and Mux boards but the bassdrum does not work.

The TRIG, ENV1, PULSE, VCO and ENV3 test points have a good signal, the NOISE signal is weak, on ACC and ENV2 there is nothing.

Would you know what the problem might be and do you have images or values of the scopes on the different test points so that I can compare them to mine?

I thank you for your feedback.

PS: sorry for my bad english

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