Nava Hi-hat and Ride problem

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Nava Hi-hat and Ride problem

Postby zener » Aug 12th, '19, 19:36

Hi all,
my nava has a problem with the closed hi-hat and ride sounds.(I don't remember if this also affects the open hi-hat it probably does)
When the unit turns on and I start a pattern these two sounds have a bit of delay to reach full volume (like someone slowly rises a mixer fader).
After they reach their full volume they behave as they should.

The two sounds seem unrelated circuit-wise so I can't think of a direct connection but I haven't properly looked at the schematics yet..
Since the build is relatively new (about a year or so) I wouldn't suspect any of the capacitors either.
Although a capacitor problem was my first thought since they can exhibit similar behavior.
Still, the capacitors that are there are almost new so too early for them to fail I guess.
Another thing that crossed my mind is some kind of logic chip issue but I think these things are mostly working or not so I would suspect something analog to be the culprit here..

Anyone has any ideas what might be at fault?!
One thing I thought about trying first is replacing the 5218 chips of the failing sounds with the ones of a good sound but of course I'm open to suggestions.
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