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Is the case line art available as a digital file?

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '19, 20:13
by liyanage
I ordered the Nava kit and plan to build my own case for it. I want to silk-screen print the labeling for all the controls and before I spend a lot of work drawing that in some vector drawing app, I was wondering if a PDF or high resolution bitmap already exists that I could use. I assume that the erica synths one is proprietary since it's not part of this kit.

I looked at the .fpd file in the "Nava alternatif Case" thread and it seems that it contains a low-resolution bitmap image of what I'm after, it's called "Silkscreen.jpg" in there. But because it's very low-res, it wouldn't be suitable. I'm looking for a sharp (vector or high resolution bitmap) black/white version.