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let's talk about the quality of the potentiometers

PostPosted: Dec 16th, '18, 17:37
by automatique
So I bought a Nava 2nd hand and noticed the flimsy or wonky potis. Is this normal? Because the potis on my Yocto V1 are the same... And now I'm upgrading to Extra9 I took off all the poti caps and realised how tight they fit. So I ended up guessing someone pushed them realy hard when finishing the project. So the shafts might pressed the slider so hard that the plastic enclosure deformed and the shaft itself got loose? Or in other word: The plastic parts and board with the carbon layer are clasped by metal, these brackets are now possibly loose.

I already found the advise for the master volume poti: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1725&p=10548&hilit=poti#p10548

And the poti values in general: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=945&p=5417&hilit=potentiometers#p5417

As the original 909 poti caps look like these, this won't be a big problem:


Did someone tried methods like putting a ring or a washer over the shaft to stabilize it?

Maybe I have to desolder every single pot and replace it. But i want to avoid it. It feels wrong to have a good clone in that quality and all the possibilties but no good feels when turning the knobs.