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V1.2 individual and master outputs hot/crunchy

PostPosted: Mar 15th, '18, 14:45
by serum114
My last problem to overcome (I hope) with v1.2 is the overdriven or hot signal outputs from each sound. Yesterday I scoped the individual outs of my v1.1 and made a note of the voltages with and without out accent, then compared these results against my v1.2. straight away I could see a clear difference in voltages and the difference between the accented and unaccented notes. The voltages were much hotter on my v1.2 and the accented note didn't look as regular as my v1.1.

The problems this is causing whilst listening on the master, with the kick at full c/w, accented, global accent on and set on max and the master at full c/w are, the kick is overdriven and the attack portion lost, also if a tom or hi hat falls on the kick with the above settings its a big crunch like a blues type drive, its quiet nice sounding - but not correct.

As all the sounds are hot at the individual outs I decided I would use the mid tom to check placement and orientation, all was good. Next I checked the sequencer, again all was correct and for argument sake I done the same with the master. I've also taken the i/o out of the equation by testing with my v1.1 i/o board but also scoped the mid tom at the output on the main board - which was still hot.

Before I start scoping franticly where would be the good places to start? What determines the volume before the amp at the end of the circuit? I mean we have the accent circuit which is determined by a set voltage triggered from the sequencer, is there something similar for an unaccented note?