Nava finished strange behaviour

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Nava finished strange behaviour

Postby polpat » May 13th, '17, 17:12

Hi to all,
I completed my Nava: all instruments seems to be ok but I have a strange behaviour when I press play or sometimes after a little time of inactivity.
For example if I do a simle bass drum line and I press play after some second Nava freezes and when I touch something then comes to normal behaviour: pattern play led and enter blink faster than normal and also a strange "bbzzzz" appears on the amplifier.
This happens both when boards are in the Erica synth case or off the case: when the boards are mounted on the case if I touch it it starts to freeze.
What the problem can be?
PS: I checked all the solders on the sequencer part but I don't find anything strange.

Here 2 videos I did to let you see, sorry for bad quality and no audio but I don't have a smart phone...I know, I'm the last one... :)
Thank you in advance.


Video 1:
Video 2:
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